Fly fishing courses - Beginners, Improvers, Boat handling course

Fly Fishing For Beginners - Gift Vouchers Available Just Ask, to book or discuss a course please contact me.

a fly rod and flies laying on the grass

A fly fishing instruction course for total beginners or if you have been struggling to learn the basics of fly fishing. All fishing tackle is provided free of charge, just bring yourself, lunch and drinks and sun cream. Lessons are on a one to one basis, i.e. I will only be teaching you on the day unless you bring a friend or relative. I don't teach large groups or anybody under the age of 18.

WHERE? For That's really up to you and how far you wish to travel, I am based in the blackdown Hills on the Somerset / Devon and we have plenty of trout fisheries in the area ranging from large reservoirs to small lakes, feel free to contact me and I can give you advice on wish fishery may be best for you. However I usually use Hawkridge Reservoir in Somerset or Wimbleball trout fishery which is just north of Tiverton in Devon

What Does The Fly Fishing Course / tuition Cover?

a fly fishing lesson about to begin

Everything you need to know and learn to fly fish and catch a trout. I will run you through the tackle we use, rod, reel, line and flies. We will then learn and practice the basic casting techniques you need to master. We will learn at your pace, there is no pressure and we have all day. 

Stage 1: Running through the tackle, fly rod, fly reel, fly line, leader and flies, and assembling / tackling up. (average 20 mins)

Stage 2: The basic roll cast - handy for getting the line out straight before the main cast, or casting to very close fish if the standard cast is not possible due to obstructions behind you. (average 10 - 20 mins)

Stage 3: False casting - learning the timing and technique of the first stage of the fly cast. (average 20 - 30 mins)

Stage 4: Shooting line - Now you have learnt to false cast you will learn to shoot the fly line to get a longer cast. (average 20 mins)

Stage 5: Reading the water - Learning to look at the water in a whole new way, finding the fish, wind patterns, natural flies hatching, bird activity indicating a hatch is taking place or the trout are feeding on fry. 

Stage 6: Fishing! - Now we put everything together, and start fly fishing, gradually your casting will get better, you will naturally learn to keep looking around you constantly scanning the water looking for fish moving.

Stage 7: Catching (hopefully), playing and landing a Trout - The last stage is to hook a trout, play the fish and land it. At some stage I may fish next to you with the idea of hooking a fish so you can play and land it, but the main aim is to get you to do everything for yourself. Warning the second you feel that fish bite and bend the rod like mad is very addictive!

In addition and depending on your progress I can cover other casting techniques such as double hauling, reverse casting, steeple casting and cross body casting.

Finally I can also show you how to clean the fish ready to be cooked, how to fillet it if you so wish and even give advice on recipes and cooking. You will also receive full course notes so you can refresh your knowledge at home.

What Days Of The Week And Months Can I Learn Fly Fishing?

I teach fly fishing 7 days a week, starting in February right through to November when most Trout Fisheries close for the winter. Fishing in the week Monday to Friday is better as the fisheries are not as busy compared to weekends,

 I offer either one to one lessons or a maximum of two anglers if you want to bring a friend. However if you book a lesson just for you it will be just me and you learning to fly fish. Check my availability calendar here

How Much Does A Fly Fishing Course Cost?

chris with his first hawkridge reservoir rainbow trout

A full days tuition / guiding on a one to one basis usually eight hours costs £169. In addition to this you will have to pay for a fishing permit, this varies from about £10 for two fish taken to about £29 for 5 fish taken depending on the fishery. However a full breakdown of costs will be given to you prior to booking. If you live on the way to the fishery I can even pick you up and drop you home at no extra cost. Be warned though, fly fishing is highly addictive!

WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING? I can supply all the tackle you need, quality tackle mind, Hardy, Greys and Airflow rods, Cortland reels and fly lines, flies, nets etc at no extra cost or if you have your own equipment then feel free to bring that with you. In addition you will need a baseball style cap to protect your head from bad casts, eye protection (sunglasses or safety glasses) sun cream in the spring and summer months (you will burn very quickly near water trust me) plenty to drink,  suitable foot wear and clothing for the weather, and a packed lunch.

Cancellations and course booking

WHAT HAPPENS IF THE DAY IS CANCELLED? Sometimes due to the weather (usually high wind speeds which make casting difficult or dangerous) I may advice you to cancel as you will be wasting your time. In this case you can either have a full no quibble refund within 24 hours or book an alternative date, its up to you.

HOW DO I BOOK? Simply give me a call or drop me an email from the contact page, and we can have a quick chat about what you require, the date you are looking to book and where you want to fish, once a price has been agreed I will send you an invoice and confirm your booking.

WHAT DATES DO YOU HAVE AVAILABLE? You can check my availability calendar here

Improvers / novice fly fishing course

a brown trout about to be returned to the water

Aimed at those who have already started fly fishing with a few months experience and may be struggling and want to improve their skills, or are returning to fly fishing and need a refresher course. 

Improve your overhead casting. Learn other fly casting techniques such as the double haul, reverse casting and steeple casting. Learn how to tie on droppers and how  to fish a team of flies or buzzers correctly. Or maybe get afloat for the first time in a boat, learn how to drift and find the fish, or just have a "holding hand" on some of the larger reservoirs.

Introduction To Boat Fishing Course - Fly Fishing

two men in a boat fly fishing

Aimed at those who have mastered the basics of bank fly fishing and wish to progress to boat fishing. Fishing from a boat is a great way to maximise your catch especially on large waters like Clatworthy and other Wessex Water fisheries. I will show you everything from scratch including how to drive the boat, anchor, drift fish and troll where permitted.

Costs are £169 per day plus fishing permits and boat hire. Again I can supply all tackle for you free of charge and will act as your guide / instructor.

Fly fishing gift vouchers

I offer a range of gift vouchers for fly fishing lessons which make a great Christmas or Birthday present. The cost per 1 days fly fishing instruction is £169 for one person or £270 for two people (135 each) which is a 20% discount. If one person books two days then they will also get the discount.

 A gift voucher can be for any amount you want although the balance will have to be made up prior to booking if its less than the day cost. A gift voucher is valid for a whole year.

Simply contact me letting me know how much the gift voucher is for, the persons name and whether you want the price shown on it or not plus any special message. I will then email you a PDF voucher which you can print off. I can also include the cost of the day ticket if you wish (around £25) and pay that directly to the fishery on the day. More on Gift Vouchers

Fly fishing gift voucher

Corporate Fly Fishing Days, Treat A Customer Or Employee

two men in a boat fly fishing
 I am pleased to offer corporate fly fishing days for your most valued customers or to reward a key member of your staff. This is ideal for both beginners in fly fishing (where they will be taught the basics of fly casting and fly fishing) or the experienced fly fisherman (where I act as guide and ghillie). Corporate days cost £300 for one guest, this includes all fishing tickets and boat hire, as well as free tackle loan if required.

I also provide a quality picnic lunch to suit your clients needs, served from a wicker picnic basket and containing for example, a quality bottle of red and white wine, Smoked Salmon, Crab pate, Granary bread, a selection of cured meats, a cheese selection and soft drinks

I cover a host of fisheries across the UK although if further than a 30 mile radius of Taunton I may charge a nominal amount for travelling. 

To enquire about corporate days please call or email me.



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